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​​KITTEN is an American band fronted by alien-girl vocalist Chloe Chaidez.


As just a teenager, Chloe wowed crowds and earned fans with her off-the-wall performances and earnest recordings. The groundswell of interest landed KITTEN a major label record deal and numerous high profile tours.


After a few years of uncertainty and shuffling line ups, Chaidez found regular collaborators in producer/guitarists David Stagno and Parker Silzer IV. Beginning in 2017 with the PINK CHAMPAGNE EP, this core trio wrote, recorded, and toured with various collaborators and mounted a comeback of sorts for the project.


2019 saw Chaidez collaborating with Charli XCX and Nasty Cherry, as KITTEN immersed themselves in Los Angeles’s rich alternative pop scene. The GOODBYE HONEYMOON PHASE EP, released that fall, showed KITTEN's ability to synthesize a wide range of sounds and styles into their own distinct persona.


KITTEN worked hard through 2020 -2021 to finish their long-awaited sophomore record. The result, PERSONAL HOTSPOTS, is now streaming.

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